About Us


I believe that the US is at a turning point for collective health awareness and reform, a movement I aim to strengthen with my unique skillsets.

As a child growing up in Taiwan, I was educated to place great value on holistic medicine, based on the 4000-year history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moving to the US, and having gotten very ill, gave me a glimpse of how detrimental the healthcare system is here.

I contemplated going back to school and getting my Traditional Chinese Medicine license, the only medicine that has been successfully healing my wrecked body, but I realized we do not need more healers, we need more people to get to know and be connected to healers.

So often, holistic medicine is misunderstood, stereotyped, and miscategorized alongside pseudoscience. Practitioners, having spent years developing their skillsets, are often left stuck in their clinic not knowing how to find more patients. Patients, having struggled with one medication after another, slowly loses hope to ever live differently again. To begin healing at scale, we must first redefine and reeducate people’s mind about holistic medicine.

In this modern age of technology, where our daily routines are increasingly intertwined with the internet, social media has emerged as an inadvertent yet potent medium of education. Every post we make on social media has the potential to influence the collective mindset of our society. The magnitude of this responsibility is immense, and it is my expertise to harness the power of social media as an educational platform that catalyzes positive change in people’s lives.

More often than not, scientific medical information is difficult enough for people to comprehend, let alone the less well-defined holistic healing practices from other cultures. My 10+ years of experience working in the entertainment business geared me with the ability to develop successful brands in a competitive space. When combined with my background in Psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have the knowledge and skillsets to bridge the gap between holistic medicine practitioners with the wider audience.

I am dedicated to helping holistic health practitioners establish a strong online presence through expert social media strategy and management, bringing healing to people in need.

If you are a holistic health practitioner looking to take your online presence to the next level and achieve the “why” you chose to become a healer, I invite you to partner with us.


Avg. over 2000% in Social Media Growth within 30 days
GROWTH: + 1000 %
Avg. over 5000 New Patients Viewing Each Social Content within 60 days
IMPACT: + 1000
Avg. over 1000 New Patients Viewing Each Social Content within 60 days
RESULTS: + 500


Dr. Jeanie Schlafly - Baby Hope Fertility

“I can’t speak highly enough of Josephine Ting and her social media strategy business. Josephine has gone above and beyond assisting our business for the last year or so. She has significantly grown our Facebook and Instagram followers. She is extremely knowledgeable about social media processes including SEO, algorithms, and other technical things to help our business grow on social media.

Her technical expertise is well matched with her creativity as she has produced beautiful posts and content for our social media platforms. She is able to take the information I present her and express it creatively and succinctly -specifically targeting the appropriate audience for our business. Especially if you are a health and well-being focused business, Josephine is an amazing person to add to your team! I recommend her and her business without reservation.”